Some Existing Angular Parts

After spending much time talking about complicated angle building techniques, let’s look at a much simpler way to build angles. Let’s build it with existing angular parts. Here’s a list of parts with studs that I use to build angles. You can build 30° angles with this propeller. Double up the hinge construct to create […]

Building Circle with Circular Bricks…

We’ve talked about a few circle building techniques. But the most obvious way is, as expected, to use existing circular bricks. You might think that the choices will be limited, but in fact you can do quite a bit with these. Personally I think that brick-built circles are generally good for circles with diameter larger […]

SNOT 3: Stud Receive on the Side

We see parts with stud on the side quite often, but there aren’t that many example of parts with stud receive on the side. The best example is probably the headlight brick with its stud receive on the back. Let’s look at some other parts and see how they can be used. Plate 2X2 Angle […]

SNOT 2: Headlight Brick

To master the SNOT technique, you need to master two things. One is to understand the dimension of the various parts, and the other is to know how to connect them. To be able to have studs and stud receives anywhere you want, you’ll need various SNOT parts such as the headlight brick. The headlight […]