Building Gothic Letters

I recently won the New Elementary‘s Lettering Contest. For the contest, we only had to build the phase “Lego DNA”. After the contest, I sat down and built the whole alphabet. Fun fact, I know how to write in Gothic. I took a lettering class by mistake (thinking it was about writing letters, the kind […]

Lego Lettering: Quarter Circle Font

Lego has came out with lots of new and useful parts lately, including this Quarter Circle Tile. Inspired by this New Elementary post, I made my own Quarter Circle Font. This font is 2×4 studs in size for upper case letters and 2×2 studs for lower case, except for i,w,m, so it’s very compact. To […]

Lego Lettering: Bone Font

This is the last font that I’ll talk about for now. I call it the Bone Font. This font uses a technique that involves bars and clips. The basic steps are taking a brick with stud on a side, putting a clip into its hole, and clipping a bar onto the clip. Since the clip […]

Lego Lettering – Courier Font

We can utilize lots of SNOT techniques when building letters. Here is a font that looks a bit like Courier font that I developed using various SNOT techniques. Each letters are 4 studs x 4 bricks, except for I, M and W. This time besides LDD files, I also have PDF instructions for each individual […]

Lego Lettering – Small Font

Oftentimes we would like to insert words into our MOCs. But one common problem is size limitation. Ideally we would like the words to be small and fit into our MOC. Today we are going to talk about the small font developed and popularized by the modular buildings. This font uses the fact that 2 […]

Lego Lettering – Curvy Fonts

I’ve been busy building for a Lego show recently and didn’t have the time to write new posts. Now that I’ve finished my MOC, it’s time for a new topic. We’ll talk about Lego lettering in the following posts. There are many different ways to write letters with bricks. Today I’ll show you two fonts […]