Magic Circle Designs

It’s a magical season, so let’s look at some magic, dark magic to be precise. Magic circle is really fun to build. They are so different from the normally straight and rectangular Lego blocks that makes them refreshing to build. The key to make good magic circles is to make the design complex, which means […]

Building Circle with Circular Bricks…

We’ve talked about a few circle building techniques. But the most obvious way is, as expected, to use existing circular bricks. You might think that the choices will be limited, but in fact you can do quite a bit with these. Personally I think that brick-built circles are generally good for circles with diameter larger […]

How to Cover Up Polygon Circles

When I gave a presentation on building round shapes a year ago, someone asked me how to cover up the top of the polygon circles. I couldn’t give a good answer at the time. So I’m going to correct that today. First of all, using trigonometry we can deduce that the distance between one end […]

Approximate Circles with Polygons

To continue with our circle building discussion, another way to build circles is to approximate them with polygons. When you have enough sides, polygons look round. For a smaller circle, octagon might be enough. For a larger circle, you probably need a hexadecagon (that’s 16 sided). I’ll focus on octagon and hexadecagon, since 135 and 157.5 degrees […]

Building Circles Out of Squares

A few years ago, I was obsessed with building circles. I experimented with various techniques hoping to find a “silver bullet” that works in all situations. But I’ve realized that different situation calls for different technique. So for the next few posts, I’ll talk about the different circular building techniques that I keep in my […]

Round Base Plate with Train Tracks

Lego bricks does not lend themselves to circular objects very well. So trying to build round things out of Lego is always interesting. Today I’m going to tackle this problem from the bottom, literately. Curved train tracks are some of the few pieces with studs not placed on a rectangular grid (even the perfectly circular […]