Building Trees with Technic Connector

First of all, I’d like to say that I haven’t been posting as often as I liked. Life tends to get in the way. Hopefully it’ll get better next month. Now onto the main topic today. Angular technic connectors, such as this, are great for tree building. They are good for building crooked tree trunks as […]

Building Trees with Shooters

I was really excited over the new mini-shooter when it first came out, because I want to build trees with it. It looks just like a tree trunk with a single branch sticking out. Now that this shooter is more commonly available, I was able to come up with a few different tree designs with […]

Building Trees with Clips and Bars

Today I’ll talk about building trees with clips and bars. Oftentimes tree branches point upward or downward at an angle. Clips and bars are a good choice for achieving these angles. Let’s look at the following trees. The key to this tree is alternating the clip plate angles to cover up all of the empty […]

Building Crooked Tree

Unlike building geometric shapes, trees don’t have clear-cut shapes. They need to look “random”, but at the same time still follow some pattern. I’ll quickly show a few of the tree building techniques that I’ve used in the next few posts. First up is building crooked tree. It’s basically an extension of the tree building […]

Building Tall Trees with Cylinders

I was originally going to talk about building cylindrical columns. Then I realized that the only things that I’ve built with this technique are trees. Tree building is a very important topic in MOCing. There are probably as many different ways to build trees as there are types of trees. Lego Arboretum is a very […]

Building Classic Fences

I got to say that I really enjoy looking at fancy Victorian wrought iron fence. And I enjoy build them even more. These classic fences are not that easy to build in Lego. Therefore I was really amazed by the Green Grocer, which had a very neat iron fence on the roof. This is a […]

Some Existing Angular Parts

After spending much time talking about complicated angle building techniques, let’s look at a much simpler way to build angles. Let’s build it with existing angular parts. Here’s a list of parts with studs that I use to build angles. You can build 30° angles with this propeller. Double up the hinge construct to create […]

Building Angle with Hinge Plates

I’ve talked about building angle with plates for quite a few post now. But building angle with hinge plates is much more common. Today we are going to focus on building with Hinge Plate 1 x 4. There is a well know Hypo-technique that uses two or three hinge plates to create angles. It’s been […]

Building Angles with Rectangular Plates – Conclusion

Now that we’ve looked at a few special cases of building angles with rectangular plates, it’s time to generalize this technique. The key to this technique is to find isosceles triangle. See the following examples. Once we’ve created an isosceles triangle, with the unique vertex having both stud and stud receive, and the other two […]

Building Angles with Rectangular Plates – Building Spirals

Building spirals in Lego bricks is not easy, especially sturdy spirals. Today we are going to build upon the diagonal building technique that we talked about last time to build spirals. The diagonal building technique has one big drawback. It is hard to create small angles, <20°, with this technique. Because to create small angel, […]