Some Existing Angular Parts

After spending much time talking about complicated angle building techniques, let’s look at a much simpler way to build angles. Let’s build it with existing angular parts. Here’s a list of parts with studs that I use to build angles. You can build 30° angles with this propeller. Double up the hinge construct to create […]

Building Angle with Hinge Plates

I’ve talked about building angle with plates for quite a few post now. But building angle with hinge plates is much more common. Today we are going to focus on building with Hinge Plate 1 x 4. There is a well know Hypo-technique that uses two or three hinge plates to create angles. It’s been […]

Building Angles with Rectangular Plates – Conclusion

Now that we’ve looked at a few special cases of building angles with rectangular plates, it’s time to generalize this technique. The key to this technique is to find isosceles triangle. See the following examples. Once we’ve created an isosceles triangle, with the unique vertex having both stud and stud receive, and the other two […]

Building Angles with Rectangular Plates – Building Spirals

Building spirals in Lego bricks is not easy, especially sturdy spirals. Today we are going to build upon the diagonal building technique that we talked about last time to build spirals. The diagonal building technique has one big drawback. It is hard to create small angles, <20°, with this technique. Because to create small angel, […]

Building Angles with Rectangular Plates – Diagonal Building Technique

I’ve always been fascinated with building angles with rectangular plates and bricks. For a while, I thought that Pythagorean triples are the only way to go. Until I built this set, the original winter village toy shop. It’s able to create all of the Christmas tree’s angles with only normal plate with a simple and […]

Building Angles with Pythagorean Triple

For the next few posts, I’d like to talk about something a bit math-heavy. But all you really need is some simple Trigonometry. Based on Pythagorean theorem we know that a2 + b2 = c2, and the most well-know Pythagorean triple is 3-4-5. This triple gives you two non-90º angles, arctan(4/3) and arctan(3/4), or roughly […]