Long Live the Nexogon Festival (2)

Today we continue with my contribution to the Nexogon Festival over at the New Elementary.

Shanghai Tower

One of the buildings that I’ve always wanted to build is the Shanghai Tower, the world’s second-tallest building after Burj Khalifa. It has a very intriguing twisted shape. I didn’t have a good solution for it — until I saw the Nexogon. It’s perfect for building triangles with concentric centers.

From bottom to top, the triangular sections of the building rotate by a total of about 120 degrees. I divided it up to 15 sections. So each section is rotated by 8 degrees.

To connect different sections together, two Nexogons are stacked together with one hole connecting upwards and one downwards. As Brian over at New Elementary has discussed in detail in his post, the center Technic hole has an odd dimension. So for now, a 4-stud height per section is the best that I can come up with.

The end result is very stable when standing still, but quite difficult to transport, as everything rotates.

Triangular parts of the world, Unite!

As a bonus, here are a few random things that I’ve came up with using other triangular parts together with the Nexogon.
Just some of the angles you can build with the Nexogon, especially combined with Technic, Plate Rotor 3 Blade with Smooth Ends and 6 Studs (Design ID 32125):

Bars and clips work really well together, especially combined with the Ninjago weapon holder ring (Element 61093212 | Design ID 20612):

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