Cover Your Roof with Tiles

Previously, we’ve talked about building roofs. But these roofs are a little bare without tiles. So today we’ll talk about roof tiles.

With Tiles

The easiest and the laziest way to do it is to tile it with 1×2 tiles (the part is called “tile” for a reason).

Jumper Plate Technique

But 1×2 tiles frankly look very boring. So here’s an jumper plate based technique that nicely offsets the roof tiles. The only drawback is that it requires at least 3 layers of plates. Therefore it is a bit bulky.

Once we have this base with offset studs, we can add on a plethora of different roof tiles. The most basic would be cheese slope.

Here’s one with the new flat tile 1X1 ½ circle.

With the relatively new nugget piece.

My personal favorite is this slanted tile technique enabled by this new part. It enables us to bend the 1×2 tiles ever so slightly to create this raggedy look.

By attaching the 1×2 tile at different locations, you can create a slope with slightly different height.

It’s actually a bit flimsy with real bricks. But it’s still much sturdier than the roof tile technique, where you don’t clip in the tile part fully into a stud.

Download the LDD file below

Roof Tiles (58.5 KiB)


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