Lego Lettering: Quarter Circle Font

Lego has came out with lots of new and useful parts lately, including this Quarter Circle Tile. Inspired by this New Elementary post, I made my own Quarter Circle Font.

This font is 2×4 studs in size for upper case letters and 2×2 studs for lower case, except for i,w,m, so it’s very compact. To cram enough detail into this small space, I’m mixing square tiles with quarter circle tiles and these 1X1 ½ circle tiles. Unfortunately these two new tiles are only both available in white and light grey at this point. But luckily, many of the letters don’t require the 1X1 ½ circle tiles.



These are by no mean the only way to write with these very versatile pieces. See if you can come up with something better.

Download the LDD file below

Letter Round (11.6 KiB)

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