Mage Tournament II

So the mage tournament that I envisioned didn’t seem to take off. That post was my least popular post in a long time. Therefore, I’m going to change my plan. I’ll just show all of my staff designs plus the figbarf in this post.

But before we start, I’d like the thank our reader BEAVeR for the only vote cast in the tournament. And the winner of the first round (and only round) is the Jinn wizard. My original plan was that each winner will get an upgraded weapon. So here’s the upgraded lighting staff. The skeleton arms are great, because it gives you an extra clipping point.

Ok, here are the 14 other mages for the tournament. Although we are not doing the 1vs1 tournament anymore. Please let me know which one is your favorite in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Mage Tournament II

  1. My vote goes to the first one with its great swirly shape and ultra menacing head. The fifth doesn’t have a striking color scheme, but the construction is definitely interesting. Quite suitable for an Aztec environment or something like that with it looking like a wing or dramatized eyelashes. I love the creativity with just a few pieces in all of the staffs. And felicitations for that wonderful arena. The platform with the chains is a great idea that elevates each and every figure.

  2. 1. Super nice design. I get a little snake-y vibe from this, don’t know why. Definitely a high priest of a civilization you’d accidentally stumble on in the jungle.

    2. Beautiful colour scheme! Is this guy a Pyromancer? I get subtle hints of something to do with fire. The choice of facial expression makes me think he’s not entirely reliable. Like, you’d want him on your team when you’re exploring The Ice Caves Of Quarthblargh, but not neccessarily when you’re travelling through Ye Drye Forest Of Kindlinge. He’s basically Beavis’ ancestor. “Fire? FIRE?”

    3. Actually my favourite of the bunch. So simple and elegant. Getting strong Egypt vibes from this one. The staff is great, definitely more of a ceremonial staff than a battle weapon.

    4. Again, another facial expression could have made this dude into a kind old harvest-blessing druid. Now he looks like there’s a thorny, probing vine coming my way. (I would have preferred solid colour flowers for a more organic look.)

    5. (NPU on the sausage). Throg here fancies himself quite the sorcerer. He runs up to the enemy and bashes them into a pulp with his 100 kilogram “magic wand”, then turns to the others with a happy grin. “Throg magic STRONG!” Yes, Throg, your magic is super sophisticated. We’re so proud of you.

    6. Nice ranger-y, forest-y… Xylomancer? He gets very nervous when he sees Pyromancer approaching his sacred grove.

    7. This dude never leaves his dungeon. He’s probably forced to stay there for eternity and unlock a door if you can decipher some ancient riddle. As a punishment for being a very enthusiastic torturer for some evil king. Doesn’t talk much. Hates his job.

    8. Whatever she’s summoning, I don’t want to see. Arachnomancer?

    9. Definitely someone you want on your team. Level-headed with sacred healing powers, probably.

    10. This is actually not a mage, it is what shows up when you mispronounce the second stanza of the “summon sexy succubus” spell. This is when you need the previous mage and her Banish spell. (Nice quad-arms, super sweet lantern, love the action pose.)

    11. I think this is more of a mage’s aide. Something summoned to do the bidding of…

    12. …this guy. The only reason he gets invited is the fear that he would be on the other side if he wasn’t.

    13. You’d think the lava maidens of Mount Blahonga would be more welcoming of single male travellers. You’d think.

    14. Very nice staff, boilerplate wizard. I wish he’d been more clear about the lava maidens and their very uncomfortable staves during my apprenticeship.

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