Anime Character Heads

Back in college, I loved to watch Japanese anime. I used to spend half of my free time watching anime and the other half building Lego. So naturally I tried to build anime characters. But Lego doesn’t lend itself to curvy shapes very well, especially cute girl with ginormous eyes. Then I found the pioneering work from builders such as tkh and moko. They really inspired me. Although I don’t know how their moc’s inner structures look, it doesn’t stop me from making my own and sharing it today.

Squarish Eyes

Let’s start out with the simple squarish eye. This technique is the easiest to build. Just build upside down and then use bricks with stud on both sides to invert back.



Now, let’s swap out the plates in the eyes with cheese slopes. That is tkh’s signature design, cheese slope eyes.



The key to inverting the cheese slopes lays in this clip and bar trick.


Of course, you need to add hair in the end to complete the head. There are too many variations in hair style. So I’m not going to go into details. Just keep a pile of curved slopes, cheese slopes, and tiles handy.


Here are two tips. First use plate with rail to fill the gap from building at 90 degrees. Second try to offset tile or plate on the back of the head when possible to create a slightly curvier outline.

Elongated Eyes

This technique of building anime eyes is inspired by characters from Pokemon. Many Pokemon characters have these elongated eyes.


One thing to point out is that up until step 4 in the picture above, the “stud up” portion and the “stud down” portion are not connected. They are connected with the side facing plates.

Using this technique, I built Ash and Misty.


Moko’s Anime Head

The last technique is my personal favorite at the moment. For the lack of better name, I’ll name it after the person who developed it, moko, who’s a true master builder in anime figures. The 1×1 trans brick gives a very nice perception of depth to the eye. And the black sausage makes very nice eyebrow.



By rotating the eyebrows, you can give the figures a bit of character.


As you can see in the cover picture, I used this technique to build my wedding cake top.


Download the LDD file of these head below

Anime Heads (28.8 KiB)

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