Technic Beam Roof Technique

In the previous post, we talked about building roof with Technic connectors. Today we’ll build roof with Technic beams.

Stud Beam

We can think of roof as a triangle. Three sides determine a triangle, so three Technic beams can form a triangle.


Then we stack plates and bricks on top of the two slopes to form the frame of a roof.



Finally, we add the plate roof and the triangular sidewalls.



Stud-less Beam

We don’t have to use stud beam for this. In fact, stud-less beam might work better for smaller triangles.



Stud-less beam creates a natural rounded ridge


Arbitrary Angles

Using this method, we can “almost” build roof of any slope. The key is again building triangles, equilateral triangles to be exact. In the examples above, the two triangles have 6-5-5 and 6-4-4 stud-long sides (counting from the center of one pin to the other). You can imagine triangles with other lengths to form roof of other slopes. Such as this more pointy roof (6-8-8 studs).



Large Roof

This technique is really great for building large roof tops. You can extend Technic beams to make larger and more compact triangles. Note it’s only two stud thick instead of three like previous examples.


This 2×3 baseplate building used this technique for its black roof. And it’s the sturdiest part of this building.


Download the LDD below

Roof 2 (17.1 KiB)

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