Technic Roof Technique

There are plenty of roof building techniques out there. Today I’ll talk about one simple and sturdy technique that surprisingly I haven’t seen much. I call it the Technic roof. The first example that I saw was this cute little scene from a Chinese builder, 树影婆娑, that inspired me when I first came out of dark age.

He explained this technique in more detail in his gallery.

So expanding on this, I came up with a group of Technic roofs of different angles.

90° Roof

Let’s start with the basic 90° roof.


The key piece is the 90° Technic connector at the center. Then we build the whole roof by repeating this pattern.


The trick is to alternate between 2-long and 3-long Technic pins to keep the whole thing together. If this isn’t enough, we can always run a bar thru these pins to make it sturdier.


The problem with this structure is that you can’t connect anything else to it at this point. So we need to make some changes to it.


First we swap one of the 90° Technic connector with these two pieces in blue and red.


Then we connect the new Technic connection point with a modified plate.


And finally we add two sloped sidewalls to finish this roof.



We can do this with other angled Technic connectors too, like the 112.5° connector. But there’s one problem.


For any angular connector with an angle greater than 90°, the connection trick that we showed above doesn’t quite work. The result will be off-centered.


And the solution is to add some connectors in between to correct this offset. The downside is that this structure will be a bit weak. But if you have some slope bricks underneath, it’ll be fine.




120° Roof

This 3 Branch Crosshole W. Hole is slightly different from the two examples above, because it has an extra branch sticking out. If we followed the same trick as the other two we’ll get something like this, with two holes on top.


So an alternative is to skip the connectors in the middle. Then fill the the middle with something else that still connects the individual slides together.


The final result looks like this.


45° Roof

Lego has yet to make any connector with an angle less than 90. So to make an angle less than 90°, we need to use two connectors. When we put two 157.5° connectors together, we can create a 45° angle connector.


The 45° roof can be put together using the same techniques that we discussed earlier.


Curved Roof

What else can you do with these Technic connectors? Well, like the MOC that inspired me to write this post, we can make a curvy roof. Just simply changing the straight connectors in the previous examples into 157.5° connectors.


Download the LDD file below

Roof (68.7 KiB)

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