One Year Anniversary

Three days ago, Sept. 5th was our blog’s one year anniversary. And our host celebrated it by taking it down. They somehow forgot to automatically renew our domain name. After three days of talking to different people, today it seems like it’s finally fixed, hopefully.

This blog is around for longer than I planned. When I started a year ago, I made a list of topics that I want to cover. It was only long enough to go for half year. My last post was the last topic on that list. I’ve added a few more items to that list. After that, I’m planning on a series of more interactive posts, that I hope you will enjoy. All in all, thank you for your viewing. It’s been a fun year for me. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our blog for the past year. Thank you!


P.S. You can download the LDD file of the cake below.

Cake (10.4 KiB)

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