Building the Calm Sea Azure

While I was on my honeymoon in Hawaii sometimes ago, I was captivated by the beautiful calm sea azure of the Hawaiian coast. During the whole trip, I was thinking about capturing it in Lego. Thankfully, I already knew how. I’ve learned the exact technique to do so from a fellow Michlug (Michigan Lego User Group) member a few years back. So today’s technique is not my invention, but I just love this technique so much that I have to share it.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

This MOC from Spencer R. is not just a wonderful architectural piece. The most beautiful part to me is the ocean. Let’s look at the basic idea of this technique.


The base level of this idea is a gradient of blue color from white to black. Thanks to Friends theme, we got a plethora of different shades of blue. Light aqua, bright light blue, medium blue, medium azure, dark azure, blue, dark blue.


On top of this level, we add trans light blue plates. Make sure that you add them non-systematically. That way, the plates will nicely break up the pixalated studs on the bottom and give a smooth gradient. This second layer will give you the perception of depth. I’ve tried trans-clear, trans-black, and trans-blue plates and tile. But none of these work as well as trans light blue.

You can use tile instead of plates too, but plates give you a better end result. But from my experience, mixing tiles with plates gives you the most organic look. See example below.



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