Building Pinnacle

Pinnacle is a prominent feature on many European architectures such as cathedrals and towers. Building certain pyramidal pinnacles is relatively easy, since Lego has came out with two slope pieces for exactly this purpose. They look great on the latest Big Ben set.


But what if you want to achieve pointier pinnacles or pinnacles with an octagonal base? Here are a few examples for your reference. The basic idea is the same in all of these techniques, which is combining hinge pieces with wedge plates. Let’s look at the first technique.


For different slopes, you might need to orient the hinge pieces differently. Let’s see the inner structure of the two pinnacles.

pinnacle3 pinnacle4

As you can see this technique leaves a square opening at the top. So we need to cap it off with something like the pyramid slope.

A similar idea is actually used in the green grocer, except it’s octagonal.


A lot of the pinnacles has an octagonal base. Here’s one pseudo octagon solution. It’s also a combination of hinge and wedge.



What if you want a bigger pinnacle? To extend the above structure, we can add another octagonal cone.


The interior uses the octagon plate at its core.

pinnacle9 pinnacle8

Here’s a different pinnacle that uses the same octagon plate at its core, but places the wedges perpendicular to the octagon.


There are more ways building pinnacle. Just make good use of hinges and wedges.

Btw, I love to build the tip of a pinnacle. It’s a great opportunity to use your rare/shiny/translucent/special parts, because the very top of a building is the most prominent place to display them.

Download the LDD file below

Pinnacle (37.2 KiB)

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