Building Brick Wall with Bricks

Brick profile walls are pretty common in many types of buildings. So it’s a pretty well-explored topic in the AFOL community. One of the most popular way to build a brick wall is called Marakoeschtra’s wall (see illustrations from below).



Brick-profile Brick Walls

In recent years, Lego has also came out with the brick-profile bricks. It’s almost the prefect way to build a brick wall, except for one issue. The pattern doesn’t align when you offset them.


And what if you don’t offset them. First, it’s structurally very weak. Secondly it leaves very clear vertical lines where the bricks separate.


One way to mitigate this issue is to add plates in between different layers of bricks. It breaks up the vertical lines a bit and strengthens the wall.


And lucky, Lego gave us this 1×4 brick-profile brick since 2014. Although so far, it’s only available in one color (medium nougat). It solves both issues described above.


Jumper Plate Wall

Here are a few other techniques for building brick walls. The first one is kind of similar to Marakoeschtra’s wall, but the result leaves a bigger gap in between the “bricks”. It’s a SNOT structure, done with jumper plates.

wall5 wall6

Wall with Large Bricks

If you are building in a larger scale than minifig scale, here are two ways to build larger brick walls. The first one uses brackets. Each “brick” is 4 studs by 2 studs.



The second method uses brick with stud on side and plate 2x2x2/3 w. 2 horizontal knob. The basic “brick” unit is shown below.


You can stack these unit bricks up to build your wall.


And the final result looks like this. Each “brick” is 2×3 studs, so the bricks are more squarish than the previous technique.


Other Wall Patterns

Besides the normal brick wall pattern, here are two different wall patterns that you can use on your buildings. The first one is a hollowed out looking wall. It’s done using 1×1 corner panels.


This next one is a patterned wall that I saw in a luxury brand store. It’s basically a combination of log bricks and 1×2 jumpers. The tricky part with this wall is that you need to hide the half brick gaps at the two ends.


Download the LDD files below.

Wall (19.9 KiB)

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