Lego Pokemon GO!

I have a confession to make. I was a big Pokemon fan. The last Pokemon game that I played was Diamond and Pearl back in 2007. Today, I was going to write about something else. But I’ve been too busy playing Pokemon Go the past whole week. So I’ll be lazy and just post some of my past Pokemon mocs.


The first Pokemon that I built was Onix back in late 2011. It’s still my favorite Pokemon moc and the largest.


Next up is Magnemite. It was a quick build, one of the easiest to build.


Then it was Blastoise, my original starting Pokemon 19 years ago when I played Pokemon Blue.



Then I got tired of building Pokemon and built two trainers. I really liked how Misty turned out.


Ash and Misty need Pokemons to battle with. Misty’s was easy. Psyduck was pretty iconic in the anime.


I was going to build Charizard for Ash, but I didn’t have enough orange at the time. So I settled with Charmeleon.


Houndoom was the first 2nd gen Pokemon that I built.


Donphan, another 2nd gen Pokemon.

Back in 2012, I planned to build as many Pokemon as I can. My original plan was to stop at ~50. But I stopped at 7. But with the releasing of Pokemon Go, I’m going to start building Pokemon again. That is if I have time in between my Pokemon Go walks.

P.S. I started on Eevee last year. I finished the head and just left it there. I’ll try to finish it soon.

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