Arch Windows

Arch windows are common on buildings. But lego hasn’t come out with many ways to fit inside the arch. Lucky we can fit any 2×2-stud-size tile under this arch. Here are two methods to do it.

The first way uses jumpers to adjust the distance until the tile is right under the arch.


One drawback of this method is that you can’t place two 1×2 tiles horizontally inside the arch. You can only place them vertically. Like this.


Using this technique, here are some of the possibilities. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be a “window”. You can use this technique to build other things such as fireplace etc.


The next method overcomes the drawback and allows horizontal tiles as well as vertical ones. But it’s a bit less sturdy.


Here are some of the results that you can’t achieve with the first method.


We can expand the arch and still use these techniques.


Expand vertically.


Download the LDD below.

Window3 (11.4 KiB)

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  1. Very interesting… I wonder what the potential of this technique is for slightly recessed lettering. Just look at the top right of the third picture, that’s the best brick built D I’ve ever seen! Making C’s, P’s, O’s etc with the same technique should be feasible.

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