Single-panel Rectangular Windows (2) – Recessed

Last time we talked about the single-panel rectangular windows. Today we’ll add one more description to it, which is “recessed”. Windows are often times recessed. They break up the flat boring wall better when recessed. Here are some a few examples.

The simplest way is to do it with jumper plates.


Other techniques require a bit more SNOTing. Here I tried to recess every window from the last post.

The first technique uses rail plates and 1×2 tiles to achieve the recess.




The second technique uses jumpers on 3 sides to achieve this.



The next technique is a SNOT of dedicated window parts.


This technique only recess the window and not the frame.


Adapting the technique above, we can come up with a few interesting slatted windows.



Download the LDD file below.

Window2 (17.5 KiB)


2 thoughts on “Single-panel Rectangular Windows (2) – Recessed

  1. The slotted ones look pretty neat, a bit like jail bars, but still cool. Might be used in some kind of abandoned ghost town. Not having the pieces to build these in real life, I might put them on some houses and then render them… But that would be after school is done in a week or some… But thank you again for the great post. And I would love to see more in the series… Especially if you have some mosaic windows waiting on that list of things to do. 🙂

    Keep it coming, and Brick on.

    Oh, and if you ever need someone to render for you I would be glad to lend a hand… Or a computer, lol.

    1. Thanks for the offer. But I’m ok for now. LDD shots are good enough for instructions. And I have a decent computer to render my digital mocs.

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