Single-panel Rectangular Windows (1)

Architecture is one of the most common MOC subjects, if not the most common. It’s a big topic. I’ll start with the windows. They are one of the most prominent  features of a building. Let’s start with the most basic single-panel rectangular windows.

Most windows have a frame that’s different from the wall. Lego currently makes 4 types of simple rectangular window frames.


If you want windows of other sizes, it’ll require SNOT. We can make the frame using two different methods, with brackets or with plates.

Here are some examples with brackets.




Here are some examples with plates.



You can rotate any of these windows by 90º to achieve other dimensions.
There is one issue with these SNOT windows. It’s hard to place them close to each other. Putting them side ways slightly alleviates this problem, since the distance can be kept within 1-2 plates. Here is an interesting example.
You can always add columns to the sides of the window.

Download the LDD file below

Window (15.0 KiB)

2 thoughts on “Single-panel Rectangular Windows (1)

  1. Oh man, those look so neat, But don’t any of the designs stress bricks in any way that doesn’t live up to the LEGO standard? Stress is a big problem for inexperienced SNOT-ers, like me. So I can’t really tell from the design… but I suppose if you can build it on LDD, you should be ok… at least most of the time.

    1. No, these designs don’t stress bricks. In fact, Lego uses these techniques too.
      (See 21017 Imperial Hotel and 21018 United Nations Headquarters) Brackets and brick with stud on side, usually don’t cause any stress. They are meant to be used as SNOT bricks.

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