Building Trees with Technic Connector

First of all, I’d like to say that I haven’t been posting as often as I liked. Life tends to get in the way. Hopefully it’ll get better next month. Now onto the main topic today. Angular technic connectors, such as this, are great for tree building. They are good for building crooked tree trunks as in set 3853 Banana Balance. (BTW, this set was a fabulous part pack for tree building.)

But today we are going to ignore the trucks for now. Let’s look at a few examples of using it in the branches.



The key here is to rotate the connectors by 45°, so four of them can fit in.


The top part of this tree can be used in the next example.


This tree is bigger on the bottom. You can repeat this section multiple times to build taller trees. At the top, cap it off with the first tree example.


The next example is a puffy tree that uses this part. The branches only look like this. You can choose to conceal the technic hole with 1×1 round plates, if you want.


After adding the leaves, it looks like this.


Download the LDD file here.

Tree4 (46.3 KiB)

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