Building Trees with Clips and Bars

Today I’ll talk about building trees with clips and bars. Oftentimes tree branches point upward or downward at an angle. Clips and bars are a good choice for achieving these angles. Let’s look at the following trees.


The key to this tree is alternating the clip plate angles to cover up all of the empty spaces. One drop back is that the 1×1 clip plate doesn’t come in any shade of brown. So your tree trunk has to be a different color, such as tan.


This next technique uses this palm tree part to form the basis of the branches. To build taller trees, just stack the basic structure on top of your tree. The final result looks like this.


Download the LDD file here.

Tree1 (53.3 KiB)

1 thought on “Building Trees with Clips and Bars

  1. OOOoooOOO, You have done it again. Neat to see how much progress you are making here. Reading every post!

    And I also just thought, would you mind citing your sources for each post you make from know on. Or instead have a list of ‘websites used for resources’ just the general website. Because sometimes you can find more details there. Or you could have a photo of the MOC that inspired you to write a post. Or a thread on some forum. You know 🙂

    Keep up the great work.

    Your #1 fan

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