Building Classic Fences

I got to say that I really enjoy looking at fancy Victorian wrought iron fence. And I enjoy build them even more. These classic fences are not that easy to build in Lego. Therefore I was really amazed by the Green Grocer, which had a very neat iron fence on the roof.


This is a very short fence. Below are some of the ways that I came up with for taller fences.


This is a very basic fence. Done with existing fence parts. Add tooth on top for decoration.


Using similar tooth patterns, you can create a nice iron gate.


A few other ways to build classic fences. Note that technic half beams are great for capping off these fences, and still let you add decorations on the top.


Weapons are great for fancy design details.


The flotation ring is great for making circular designs.


Last but not least, this pattern uses this hook piece to create a very elaborate design. The only drawback is that it’s a bit too large. But if you flip it upside down, it’s a great castle gate.

There are probably tons of other ways to build classic fences. Let me know if you’ve seen any other designs.

You can find the LDD design of all of above fences here.

Fence (28.7 KiB)

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  1. Oh wow I have never could have even thought of any of these really clever. Very adjustable to your needs, too, you could try like alternating colors for different design, or maybe even try some moss or vines on those wrought iron fences, great job again.

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