Magic Circle Designs

It’s a magical season, so let’s look at some magic, dark magic to be precise. Magic circle is really fun to build. They are so different from the normally straight and rectangular Lego blocks that makes them refreshing to build. The key to make good magic circles is to make the design complex, which means we need fancy circles. One of the key parts is the┬ápiece below on the left, NOT the one on the right. They only differ by the hole in the middle, but that difference is crucial when making a magic circle.

One such magic circle uses 8 of this piece to make an octagon which approximates a circle at this scale. Then add clips to the hole. magic circle2

To make the circle’s design more complicated, we add this octagon piece to the center.

magic circle1

When building this structure, the trick is to clip on the clip (shown in red) last. One you have a small magic circle, you can grow it out by adding another larger circle outside of it. Then connect it back to the smaller circle with bars. Finally add various decorations to fill in the empty space.

magic circle4

Once you get the basics down. You can add various weapons, tooth, tails, and animal parts to the circle to make it look mystical and complicated.

Download the magic circles in LDD below.

Magic Circle (59.0 KiB)


Here’s an example of the smaller magic circle. I’ve yet to build a larger circle. But I do plan to do it someday.

Inferno Magic


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