Lego Lettering – Courier Font

We can utilize lots of SNOT techniques when building letters. Here is a font that looks a bit like Courier font that I developed using various SNOT techniques. lettering3

Each letters are 4 studs x 4 bricks, except for I, M and W. This time besides LDD files, I also have PDF instructions for each individual letters.

A125.9 KiB179
B126.2 KiB122
C86.8 KiB155
D114.8 KiB128
E101.9 KiB159
F101.4 KiB139
G104.8 KiB141
H92.3 KiB159
I84.3 KiB150
J107.9 KiB122
K117.7 KiB140
L110.4 KiB128
M124.8 KiB158
N109.7 KiB150
O98.3 KiB144
P111.1 KiB148
Q103.7 KiB141
R127.9 KiB179
S120.1 KiB146
T100.8 KiB170
U104.1 KiB131
V113.5 KiB185
W109.8 KiB130
X99.1 KiB152
Y102.5 KiB149
Z115.2 KiB138

After you’ve read the instructions, you will have one question. How do you deal with the gap in some of the letters such as these?


To fill this gap and to connect letters together, you need to pick the right kind of structure in the previous letter. Here’s what I mean.


If the next letter needs side studs (i.e. letter E, Z above), the previous letter’s 4th stud needs to provide these studs by replacing 1×2 plates (shown in red) with brackets. So when building this font, you have to keep an eye on what letter is coming up.


Sometimes you need to replace with bottom bracket, when the top position can’t be replaced. Like in this situation,


Here’s a question mark using the same techniques.


Download the LDD file here.

Courier Letter (22.8 KiB)


Here’s an example of these letters in action.

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  1. Hi ! I’m using your technic to build a large banner. It works well. I however had to make some adjustment to “write” IVE in order to have everything steady. Will you do the digits ? Too bad TLG abandonned the tiles without groove… Thanks a lot !

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