Lego Lettering – Small Font

Oftentimes we would like to insert words into our MOCs. But one common problem is size limitation. Ideally we would like the words to be small and fit into our MOC. Today we are going to talk about the small font developed and popularized by the modular buildings.


This font uses the fact that 2 studs = 5 plates, which we’ve talked about before. We can achieve all of the letters and numbers in a small space. Below is a very useful chart that Jensen, Bellis, and Crawford came up with. You can find out more from freelug.


That’s all good, but how do you realize these letters? The secret sauce is bar and clips. By using horizontal and vertical clips, you can connect all of the pieces together without having studs on the side.

Here are all of the letters, numbers and some punctuation.


Cheese Slope Font

A variant of this font adds cheese slopes to the letters. Here are some of the ways to add cheese slopes into the mix. There is a small gap between the slopes in the last one. But it’s generally unnoticeable.


You can’t achieve all of the letters with this font, but it can supplement the original small font.


But what’s more interesting is that you can build non-Roman alphabet using this method. For example, Dwarven language

Erebor Gold

You can download the LDD file of both fonts below.

Small Letters (43.7 KiB)

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