Building Dense Flower Field

Flower field is very easy to build with the common 3-stalk flowers. But today we are going to talk about a different flower field technique using this bigger flower. This piece has more clutch power than most plant parts, so the result is more stable.


The problem with this flower is that it’s much bigger. If you just lay them out in an array, they look sparse and repetitive.

flower field

The trick to create a dense and organic flower field is to raise the flower up by a plate and let them sit on top of one another. Randomly alternating between highs and lows to get the organic feel.

flower field2

But sometimes with two heights the pattern is still a bit repetitive, if you want to cover every section of the base plate.

flower field3

To solve that, you need a few more tricks.

  1. add another plate and create a third layer to mix it up.
  2. use jumper plate to offset the flower.
  3. fill any gaps in the middle with 1×1 round plates.
  4. offset the flower in between 4 studs to achieve fine offset and smaller gaps.

flower field4

Download the ldd of the various fields here.

Flower Field (8.9 KiB)

You can using this technique with this stalk too. The result is a dense green field.

flower field6

Here’s an example MOC using this technique. This technique works great when the terrain is uneven. You can work the elevation into the height offsets.


As always, feedback and comments are welcome.

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  1. In itself, I think this technique might work very well as a sea too. It’s easy to add more height difference for the waves, and maybe there could be some white parts on the inside that peak through just a bit to give the impression of foam… Interesting!

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