SNOT 3: Stud Receive on the Side

We see parts with stud on the side quite often, but there aren’t that many example of parts with stud receive on the side. The best example is probably the headlight brick with its stud receive on the back. Let’s look at some other parts and see how they can be used.

Plate 2X2 Angle / Bracket 2 x 2 – 2 x 2 with 2 Holes

stud receive

This part is almost an inversion of the common bracket. But some small differences sets them apart big time. One obvious difference is that this part is 2×2 on both directions. This larger dimension makes it slightly bulkier and less versatile. But to me, the bigger issue is that this piece has a 1plate x 1plate corner that’s difficult to fit in a build. You usually end up with a (1 stud – 1 plate) gap.

stud receive3

But there are still ways around this problem.

stud receive2

This part is great for making a perfect cross pattern.

stud receive4

You can repeat this patter and create something like the cover image.

Download the LDD file of the cover image here.

Stud Receive (5.9 KiB)


Brick 1X1X2 With Extra Tube Side / Brick Modified 1 x 1 x 2 with Square Hole

stud receive7

stud receive6This piece is almost one of a kind. (It’s the piece of resistance! No.) It’s a pure “stud receive on the side” piece. It’s great as a terminal piece in a SNOT build. See examples below. The only down side of this part is that it’s very rare and color selection is very limited.

stud receive8


In the end of my previous post, I said that the headlight brick + brick with stud on the side combo doesn’t work. It turns out that Sheo has a very detailed explanation here.

Failed connection No.1: Headlight Brick and Brick with Stud on Side

The explanation is very enlightening indeed. Thanks Sheo again for pointing this out to me.

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