SNOT 2: Headlight Brick

To master the SNOT technique, you need to master two things. One is to understand the dimension of the various parts, and the other is to know how to connect them. To be able to have studs and stud receives anywhere you want, you’ll need various SNOT parts such as the headlight brick.

headlight brick

The headlight brick is probably the earliest SNOT Part. (I’m no historian. I could be totally wrong.) It is also one of the most intriguing SNOT part due to its unusual dimension. It’s a jack of all trades brick.

It’s useful for creating small offsets like in the examples in the previous post. Below are some of the other ways to use this part.

Add support when you need more than one stud for the side connection.


SNOT for corner when interior space is limited.


Inverted stud or inverted stud receive.

2×2 studs square with studs on all 4 sides. This structure is quite useful when doing SNOT work. It also makes really interesting patterns. Katie Walker has done some exhaustive work on this topic.


Last but not least, the new logo for Lego Expert line of products shows us a very interesting structure, 2x2x2 studs cube with studs on all 6 sides. You can make a rubrics-cube-like thingy out of it.

headlight cube

Download the LDD file of the cube here.

Headlight (22.0 KiB)

There are many other ways to use this brick when SNOTing. Keep the dimension of various parts in mind and SNOT would be just like solving a puzzle.

Note: Most likely due to manufacturing margin, this structure isn’t work so well. As you can see with real bricks on the right, there is a small gap in between the two studs.


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