Building Pinnacle

Pinnacle is a prominent feature on many European architectures such as cathedrals and towers. Building certain pyramidal pinnacles is relatively easy, since Lego has came out with two slope pieces for exactly this purpose. They look great on the latest Big Ben set. But what if you want to achieve pointier pinnacles or pinnacles with […]

wall cover

Building Brick Wall with Bricks

Brick profile walls are pretty common in many types of buildings. So it’s a pretty well-explored topic in the AFOL community. One of the most popular way to build a brick wall is called Marakoeschtra’s wall (see illustrations from brickup.de below).     Brick-profile Brick Walls In recent years, Lego has also came out with […]


Lego Pokemon GO!

I have a confession to make. I was a big Pokemon fan. The last Pokemon game that I played was Diamond and Pearl back in 2007. Today, I was going to write about something else. But I’ve been too busy playing Pokemon Go the past whole week. So I’ll be lazy and just post some of my […]


Decorative Windows

Windows come in various shapes and forms. I’ve came up with a bunch of different patterns that could be used as windows. And I’ll just lump them all in this post. This first one looks a bit like a diamond shaped window. It’s done with some help from technic angle parts. This cathedral window like […]


Arch Windows

Arch windows are common on buildings. But lego hasn’t come out with many ways to fit inside the arch. Lucky we can fit any 2×2-stud-size tile under this arch. Here are two methods to do it. The first way uses jumpers to adjust the distance until the tile is right under the arch. One drawback […]


Single-panel Rectangular Windows (2) – Recessed

Last time we talked about the single-panel rectangular windows. Today we’ll add one more description to it, which is “recessed”. Windows are often times recessed. They break up the flat boring wall better when recessed. Here are some a few examples. The simplest way is to do it with jumper plates. Other techniques require a […]


Single-panel Rectangular Windows (1)

Architecture is one of the most common MOC subjects, if not the most common. It’s a big topic. I’ll start with the windows. They are one of the most prominent  features of a building. Let’s start with the most basic single-panel rectangular windows. Most windows have a frame that’s different from the wall. Lego currently […]


Building Trees with Technic Connector

First of all, I’d like to say that I haven’t been posting as often as I liked. Life tends to get in the way. Hopefully it’ll get better next month. Now onto the main topic today. Angular technic connectors, such as this, are great for tree building. They are good for building crooked tree trunks as […]


Building Trees with Shooters

I was really excited over the new mini-shooter when it first came out, because I want to build trees with it. It looks just like a tree trunk with a single branch sticking out. Now that this shooter is more commonly available, I was able to come up with a few different tree designs with […]


Building Trees with Clips and Bars

Today I’ll talk about building trees with clips and bars. Oftentimes tree branches point upward or downward at an angle. Clips and bars are a good choice for achieving these angles. Let’s look at the following trees. The key to this tree is alternating the clip plate angles to cover up all of the empty […]