Cover Your Roof with Tiles

Previously, we’ve talked about building roofs. But these roofs are a little bare without tiles. So today we’ll talk about roof tiles. With Tiles The easiest and the laziest way to do it is to tile it with 1×2 tiles (the part is called “tile” for a reason). Jumper Plate Technique But 1×2 tiles frankly […]

Lego Lettering: Quarter Circle Font

Lego has came out with lots of new and useful parts lately, including this Quarter Circle Tile. Inspired by this New Elementary post, I made my own Quarter Circle Font. This font is 2×4 studs in size for upper case letters and 2×2 studs for lower case, except for i,w,m, so it’s very compact. To […]

Mage Tournament II

So the mage tournament that I envisioned didn’t seem to take off. That post was my least popular post in a long time. Therefore, I’m going to change my plan. I’ll just show all of my staff designs plus the figbarf in this post. But before we start, I’d like the thank our reader BEAVeR […]

Mage Tournament

Happy new year everybody! We are going to start the new year fresh with a “bang”. The next series of posts will be on weapons. And my weapon of choice is a magic staff. We are going to showcase these techniques in a slightly different format. We’ll have a mage tournament. Starting today, I’ll post […]

Building Tree with Plates

A few years ago, I gave a little tutorial on this technique at our LUG(Lego User Group). And that was the starting point of my technique sharing career, which lead me to write this blog. I hesitated to talk about this technique, because it’s not build-able in LDD. Let’s find out why. Trees built out […]

Anime Character Heads

Back in college, I loved to watch Japanese anime. I used to spend half of my free time watching anime and the other half building Lego. So naturally I tried to build anime characters. But Lego doesn’t lend itself to curvy shapes very well, especially cute girl with ginormous eyes. Then I found the pioneering […]

Technic Beam Roof Technique

In the previous post, we talked about building roof with Technic connectors. Today we’ll build roof with Technic beams. Stud Beam We can think of roof as a triangle. Three sides determine a triangle, so three Technic beams can form a triangle. Then we stack plates and bricks on top of the two slopes to […]

Technic Roof Technique

There are plenty of roof building techniques out there. Today I’ll talk about one simple and sturdy technique that surprisingly I haven’t seen much. I call it the Technic roof. The first example that I saw was this cute little scene from a Chinese builder, 树影婆娑, that inspired me when I first came out of […]

One Year Anniversary

Three days ago, Sept. 5th was our blog’s one year anniversary. And our host celebrated it by taking it down. They somehow forgot to automatically renew our domain name. After three days of talking to different people, today it seems like it’s finally fixed, hopefully. This blog is around for longer than I planned. When […]

Building the Calm Sea Azure

While I was on my honeymoon in Hawaii sometimes ago, I was captivated by the beautiful calm sea azure of the Hawaiian coast. During the whole trip, I was thinking about capturing it in Lego. Thankfully, I already knew how. I’ve learned the exact technique to do so from a fellow Michlug (Michigan Lego User […]